Notes On Dementia Essay

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Notes on Dementia:

Tips on how to prevent and respond to behaviour problems continued,,,,,,,,,

Always ensure that you adhere to your companies dress code and ensure that you wear nothing that may be visible and easy to grab
Speak gently and in a matter of fact manner. If the person is attacking someone else you must talk to them through the separation, telling them why you are doing this and where you are taking them. A raised voice or forceful tone may only add to the situation. Alternatively, find another distraction
If the person seems agitated and does not wish to talk, back away and leave them and try later.
If you feel upset and need to talk through an incident that has upset you, talk to another Care Worker or your Manager about how you feel. Allow yourself to recover and be supported. Always be prepared to do this for your colleagues.
Do not judge and the person with Dementia and their behaviour as it is often the only way they can let you know how they feel, it is not the same as someone without the condition who becomes aggressive.
If the person with Dementia becomes aggressive and has abused you, try not to take this personally and think that you have failed. Turn this situation into a positive and think about what you may have done on this occasion that caused the situation and use it as a learning curve.
As soon as you possibly can after the event, try to get together as a team to discuss this situation, as this can be a learning curve for all the team to use as a way forward.

More tips!!!!

Do not try to proceed with a conversation that makes them angry, even if it is the truth, you are only going to make them more upset. It is much more important to show them that you believe them and understand their feelings.
Always apologise if the person is angry with something that you have done
Be practical and assess the situation, if the person is angry and frustrated because they have to rely on you, and then find them something to do that they can carry out independently.
When the person calms down, see if you can find out what caused this situation, as this may be valuable knowledge to avoid this situation in