Notes On Holidays

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Session 7 Notes

False Assumption
Fairness means all religions must be given equal time in the classroom. Fiarness means proportional not equal. House of senate 2 senators…house of representative based on population; teacher salary may teach same but not earn same pay they are paid proportional to years of service;

Students feeling left out: Some teachers pretend holiday isn’t happening to avoid this. No ones faith should be denigrated in classroom. Should teach about holiday and cultural day is about.

Correct Assumption


Many teach thanksgiving of Indians and pilgrims where pilgrims pay Indians for helping them survive the first winter.
History as a nation first thanksgiving was proclaimed by George Washington; gave speech on duty of all nations to acknowledge providience of Almighty God and His favors to establish a government of safety and happiness…thank God for what He has done recently for our country.
Abraham Lincoln 1863; speech of bouties of those forget spoke of favor of Almighty God who deals with us for the anger of our sins but remembered with mercy.
No mention of pilgrims
Teach about being thankful to God; every year president calls upon the nation to be thankful; show proclamations from history read to students; teach of gratitude and list people who to express gratitude to; invite parent to share family traditions
Sing Christmas carols: Nationa PTA say sacred music may be sung or played as parts of school’s academic program. School concerts that present a variety of selectsions may include religious music.
Supreme court Lynch vs Donnelly: cannot forbid use symbol while hymns and carols are sung and played in public places including schools while congress and state legislatures open public sessions with prayers
Read Biblical account For cultural understanding Must be non-devotional Explain nativity scene and impact of birth of Jesus Ask parent to share what they do for family traditions Show and explain a crèche use as teaching aid to familiarize students with story
Teach impact of