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Week 11 Individual Work

Public Order Crimes

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2. Reflect on the information presented in this week’s lesson and provide an insightful response to each question using several complete sentences.
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Objective: Characterize different types of public order crime, such as drugs, prostitution, and pornography

EXAMPLE: At Thanksgiving dinner, cousin Jed decides to unburden himself to his in-laws. He explains that his father, a successful business man, was also an alcoholic. He says he can look around his family and tell which family members have the "alcoholic gene."

Based on what you've learned in this lesson about drug-dependent personalities, how would you evaluate Jed's comment?
Jed could have a point, but he might also just be trying to make himself feel better about his family. A drug-dependent personality is the psychological view of substance abuse. The theory, though, suggests that the dependency is the result of cognitive factors or emotional problems and not necessarily the result of an "alcoholic gene." Personality testing can help identify drug-dependent personalities.
Example a. What references, if any, were used to assist you in answering the question?
Textbook, page 369
1. Define "victimless crime." What impact does victimless crime have on society?
A victimless crime is a public order crime that violates the moral orders but has no specific victim other than society as a whole. These crimes impact society because they go against social policy, prevailing moral rules and current public opinion.
1a. What references, if any, were used to assist you in answering the question?
Textbook, pg 350
2. Prostitution is one type of public order crime. What can/should be done to control it?
First I feel that those who make use of a prostitute need to have their crime publicly known to ensure the amount of embarrassment they feel will prevent them from making use of a prostitute again. Next it’s not only the prostitute that is the problem; it’s also those that exploit the prostitutes. The pimps and Madame’s who need to face jail time and fines. Another problem that needs to be faced is the police officers who overlook prostitution and the public officials who pretend that it’s not a problem.
2a. What references, if any, were used to assist you in answering the question?