Notes On Western Civilization

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Western Civilization II
Site Map

First, print out these instructions and place them with your other course material. Look at the buttons along the left side of the Announcement page.

Inside Start Here there is the Site Map, and you are reading it.

The Announcements page automatically comes up with the banner and course name. Check these announcements every 48 hours.

Inside Instructor Contact you have information on contacting me and our Chair for History, Dr. Allen Jones.

Inside Syllabus there is the Syllabus (which is specific to this course). There is also eTroy’s Policies and Procedures.

Inside Course Materials I have stored your weekly lectures. Download them, print them out, and then use them to prepare for your exams. They are 90% of the exams! I have also added Tips for Term Papers.

Inside Assignments I go into detail about the exams, the term paper, and due dates.

Inside Assessments your on-line exams will appear. Once you access the on-line exams, you have to finish within 50 minutes or you lose one point for each minute over time. Three are non-proctored exams, on the honor system, but also coming out of a random question pool. You cannot use notes or books. It cannot be printed out, only electronically submitted to Blackboard. If the connection is broken by your browser or ISP, TELEPHONE ME AT HOME (850-244-3240) and I can re-set it one time. After that, I can re-open it for you during the final exam weekend, and you can double-up,