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1. What are Geographic questions ?
Geographers study human phenomena such as language , religion , and identity and physical phenomena like landforms , climate and environmental change.
Geographer Marv in Mikesell defined geography in shorthand as the “why of where”.
In medical geography , mapping the distribution of a disease is the first step of finding its cause.
Cholera is an ancient disease and was confined to India until the beginning on the nineteenth century .
Cholera hasn’t been defeated completely , however and in some ways the risks have been rising in recent years rather than falling.
Became an epidemic 1990
2. The Spatial perspective
To understand history is to appreciate how events , circumstances and ideas came together at particular tine to produce outcomes .
Human geographers use a spatial perspective as they study a multitude of phenomena ranging from political election and urban shantytowns to gay neighborhoods and folk music.
3. Five themes
Location-highlights how the geographical position of people and things in the Earth’s surface affects what happens and why .
Location theory , an element of contemporary human geography that seeks answers to a wide range of questions.
Second theme concerns human environment interactions , geographers study the reciprocal relationship between human and environments .
The third theme is region , features tend to be concentrated in particular areas . geographers use field work ,quantitive and qualitive methods to develop insightful descriptions of different regions around the world.
The fourth is place ,which