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Notes for Abnormal psyc 3/21
Class started with review schizophrenia symptoms from previous class
Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
Subtypes of schizophrenia and criteria for other psychotic disorder – often call the sychizopherinas because it can look so different
Paranoid schizophrenia * Delusions of and hallucinations * Persecution or grandeur * Intact cognitive levels * Intact affect * Little to no disorganized hehavior * Best prognosis –medications are helpful * Stronger familial link – if family has it you are more likely to have it compared to other forms * No catatonic symtopms

Disorganized Type * Disoriented disruptions * Speech * Behavior * Flat or inappropriate affect - (My cousin dies its fuckin awesome ) * Hallucinations and delusions * Fragmented (not organized or systematic) * Develops early – teens or early 20s * Chronic * Few remissions – really doesn’t get better
Catatonic Type – (very uncommon in US) * Unusaual motor responses * Catatonic immobility/rigidity (stupor) * Catatonic excitement

* Odd mannerisms * Echolalia – repeating whatever is heard like a parrot * Echopraxia – repeating movements of other people
Undifferncicated Type
Do not fit into together subtypes
Majors symptoms of Schizophrenia
Fail to meet criteria for a subtype
Residual type * One or more past episodes – not currently in a epiode * No major symptoms * Persistent, less extreme symptoms * Negative or bizarre beliefs * Social withdrawal * Inactivity
Schizopherniform disorder * Schizophrenic symptoms * Few months only * Associated with good premorbid (before onset of disorder) functioning * Most resume normal lives * Rare 2 in 1000 people or .02%
Schizoaffective disorder * Symptoms of schizophrenia plus mood disorder * Disorders are independent * Delusions are for 2 weeks without mood issues * Prognosis= similar to schizophrenia * Persistent * NO improvement without treatment
Delusional disorders * Delusions contrary to reality (but not too bizarre or crazy) * Lack of other positive and negative symptoms * Types * Erotominic- have a romantic relationship with someone you don’t * Grandiose – I’m the smartest MOFO every * Jealous * Persecutory * Somatic * Rare * Better prognosis than schizophrenia * Later age of onset * Avg age of onset.40 to 49 * Female>Male * Brief psychotic disorder * One or more positive symptoms * Last 1 month or less * Usually precipitated * Extreme stress * Trauma * Typically return to premorbid baseline
Shared psychotic disorder * Delusions from relation with delusional person * 50% are female dyads * Mother daughter * Sister-sister * Cognitive impairment in secondary member
Schizotypal personality disorder
I feel the movement of stares effect my mood * Symptoms are similar to schizophrenia * Less severe *