Notes on Medieval Europe and Japan Essay

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02.01 Travel Journal

1. How did manorialism develop in Medieval Europe?

• Some people moved to countryside and focused on agriculture.

• Small, independent economies arose, centered on large agricultural manors.

• system controlled by powerful warrior landlords, built small armies to protect manor.

• Landlords also leased out land in exchange for loyalty.

2. How did the idea of feudalism emerge as an historical construct?

3. What role does each of the social orders play in the feudal system?

King • top of social hierarchical system.

• had ultimate control over their land and could grant land to others

Nobles • received grants of land from kings.
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• art, architecture, literature, and craftsmanship thrived in medieval Europe. • Both the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian traditions inspired much of this creativity, resulting in works that reflect rich blend of cultures and worldviews.

02.03 The Crusades:
1. What role might location have played in the competition for the Holy Land?

• it straddles the strip of land where Europe, Asia, and Africa meet.

2. For what religious groups is Jerusalem considered a holy city?

• Islamic jewish and christian

3. What tone does Pope Urban II use, and what promises does he make to encourage people to ride against the Muslim Turks?

• All who die by the way shall have immediate remission of sins

4. Why might peasants be interested in fighting in The Crusades?

5. What did each Crusade accomplish, and why do you think they ultimately failed?

First Crusade:

• they battled isolated Turkic forces

• captured Antioch

• laid siege to Jerusalem for more than a month before its keepers surrendered

Second Crusade:

• didn’t accomplish anything

third crusade:

• capture of Acre in 1191

• In 1192, Richard and Saladin reached a truce

Fourth Crusade:

• sacked the capital of the Byzantine Empire

• this Crusade proved to be weakening the Byzantines enough that they could no longer hold off Muslim expansion

6. How were the goals of Saladin and Richard both alike