Nothing: Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming Essay

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GEOS 140
Individual project for Global Warming

Solution to global warming in different parts of the earth
My topic that mean is in different areas we can use different ways to solution to global warming in the earth. Global warming is human should recognize the destruction of nature is to 'commit suicide'. Global warming is a "natural phenomenon". As people burn fossil minerals to produce energy or deforestation and the burning of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, as a result of these greenhouse gases to the visible light radiation from the sun with high permeability, long wave radiation and its reflection on the earth have a high absorbent, can strong absorption of ground radiation in the infrared, which is often said that the "greenhouse effect", leading to global warming. The consequences of global warming, can make the global precipitation redistribution, glaciers and permafrost to melt, sea level rise, both harm the natural ecosystem balance, more threat to human food supply and living environment. But now we can find effective ways to solve or slow down the global warming problem.

Introduction: The global atmosphere and the surface of this system is like a giant glass greenhouse, always maintain a certain temperature, the ground's surface produce the suitable for humans and other biological survival environment. In this system, can make the sun radiation through the atmosphere and reach the ground, also can prevent the ground radiation loss, we put the atmosphere on the surface of this protective effect is called the atmospheric greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases are called "greenhouse gases", they can make the sun shortwave radiation through freely, and can absorb long wave radiation from the surface at the same time. The gas with carbon dioxide, methane and chlorofluorocarbons, ozone, nitrogen oxide and water vapor, etc., is one of the major carbon dioxide. Over the past century the global climate is warming, gradually at the same time, the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased dramatically. Many scientists believe, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the greenhouse effect intensifying is the basic cause of global warming. Human and trees burning of coal, oil, natural gas, produce large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere after heating, make the imbalance in the carbon cycle, energy conversion form of changed the earth's biosphere. 1981 ~ 1990, the global average temperature is 0.48 ℃ higher than 100 years ago. Since the industrial revolution, increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 25%, far more than scientists may survey out all of the past 160000 years of history, and shows no sign of slowing down. Increased carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere is warming the planet. The international energy agency, according to a survey of the United States, China, Russia and Japan accounted for almost half of total global carbon dioxide emissions. The survey suggests that U.S. carbon dioxide emissions are the highest in the world, annual per capita carbon dioxide emissions by about 20 tons, emissions of carbon dioxide accounting for 23.7% of the global total. China's per capita co2 emissions of about 2.51 tons, accounts for about 13.9% of the global total.

Body: Now, let's discuss how to solve or slow down the global warming problem. On earth, for example, there are many kinds of weather patterns, the global climate can be roughly divided into 11 types: polar climate, temperate continental climate, temperate maritime climate, temperate humid monsoon climate, monsoon and subtropical monsoon climate, tropical desert climate, tropical grassland climate, tropical rain-forest climate, tropical monsoon climate, Mediterranean climate, mountain climate. Each climate types have different characteristics, we can make full use of this feature to improve global warming. For example, in the