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|[pic] |Challenge Day Leader Application |[pic] |




Phone number:

Alternate Phone number:

Leaders are required to be 21 years old, or older. Are you 21 or older? Yes No

Please respond thoughtfully and thoroughly to these questions.

1) Because of the ongoing training and support needed to be a Challenge Day Leader, we are only training people living in the San Francisco Bay area. Where do you live? What geographical adjustments do you need to make in order to be 100% in this process? Are you willing to make them BEFORE training begins in March? What kind of community support do you have in the Bay Area?

2) How many Challenge Days have you attended? How many “Next Step/Be The Change” Workshops? Tell us about your experience.

3) How did you learn about Challenge Day? Who brought you to us? What made you decide to explore becoming a Challenge Day Leader?

Why you?

4) Many people are inspired by what we do at Challenge Day and aspire to become a Challenge Day Leader; not everyone who wants to be a Leader actually makes it through the training. What moves you to be a Challenge Day Leader? Why would you be a successful Challenge Day Leader?

5) Our work is primarily with teens (13-18 year olds). Please describe relevant experiences you have had with this age group – including employment, trainings, and/or life experiences.

6) List the language/s in which you could fluently lead Challenge Days.

Overview of the Training Process

The training takes 6½ months (March - September) and there is no guarantee you will become a Leader. Training involves a significant commitment of your time, energy, and dedication. It is important that you understand the depth of the process.

• Learning and living the principles that we teach at Challenge Day. This consists of intense personal growth work, which includes looking at how you are living all areas of your life presently, as well as how you have lived in the past. This process is not about condemning your previous choices, but about looking at where you can clean up your past and make amends to fully and honestly incorporate the Challenge Day principles into our lives. This is vital as you commit to being a role model for youth and adults alike.

• Home study. This involves reading, memorizing scripts, and watching videos.

• Coaching. You will be assigned coaches who will work with you as you study the Challenge Day program scripts and elements. Your coaches will help you in learning all the important aspects of becoming a Challenge Day Leader.

• Practice, practice, practice. You will spend a large amount of time running through the Challenge Day script working to make it fit your own personal style while still maintaining the integrity of the program’s method and objectives.

• Group trainings. These are a key part of learning about the ideology, theory, and history behind all aspects of Challenge Day.

7) There is a possibility of receiving training stipends totaling $2,950 (distributed in 4 progressive increments at the successful completion of milestones in the training process - $500, $700, $750, and $1000). Please note: there is NO guarantee you will receive these stipends since they are based on performance. In actuality, it is best to consider the training a 6-month unpaid internship, with a time commitment similar to that of a part-time to full-time job. Given that; what other means of financial support will you have while completing the training? Please explain.

Compensation as a Challenge Day Leader

Once your training is complete, you will become a Challenge Day Leader! All Leaders start out as a Junior Leader. Junior Leaders are paid $340 for every Challenge Day led (plus additional