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Evening of Dance
On Thursday, November 14, I went to see Evening of Dance. The talented dancers in Rep 1, 2, and World performed beautifully. The performances were very interesting and kept me at the edge of my seat for the whole two hours. The choreographer of each dance highlighted the versatility of the spotlighted dancers. All of the dances contrasted each other, introducing different elements, making the show very entertaining to watch.
Pretty Gritty Suite, performed by Repertory Dance Company 2, was one of my favorite dances of the night. Its colorful costumes and uplifting music put me in very high spirits. The orange and yellow costumes really matched the tone the music gave off. I really enjoyed the different sections that came out on stage highlighting a different set of dancers. The choreographer really gave everyone a chance to be seen and it suited the dance well.
Testament, performed by Repertory Dance Company 2, was another one of my favorites. In contrast to Pretty Gritty, it was slow paced and had less colorful costumes. I liked that not everybody had the same color on and that the boys wore skirts. Although equally as good as the other dance, I felt that it brought a different feel to the table. The soulful music created a calm feeling while watching the dance. I loved how, like in the dance mentioned before, it had alternating parts where different dancers were highlighted.
I enjoyed all of the dances of the performance but these were the