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What is Dentistry?
Dentistry is the branch of medicine that is involved in the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, the maxillofacial area and the adjacent and associated structures, and their impact on the human body (Wikipedia). Doctors who practice dentistry are called Dentists or Dental Surgeons.

Explanation of Career
According to the American Dental Association there are 10 recognized fields of Dentistry. The 10 fields represent the areas of: public health dentistry, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial pathology, oral and maxillofacial radiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, prosthodontics, and general dentistry.

General Dentists are the primary dental health providers who diagnose, treat and manage overall oral health care. They perform root canals, crowns, bridges, gum care and preventative maintenance. Oral Surgeons are Dentists whom perform surgical procedures of the face, mouth and jaw. Their duties range from the removal of a tumor on the face to implanting a tooth into the jawbone.

Math Requirements/College Choice

College Math/Science Courses Dental School Math Based Courses College Algebra Pharmacology Calculus Biochemistry Statistics

Educational Requirements
4 yr Bachelor’s degree
4 yrs of Dental School
2-4 of Residency and additional schooling if planning to practice a dental specialty.

Additional Requirements
Dental Admissions Test (DAT) for entry into Dental School
Regional and local licensure exams
Part 1 and 2 of the National Dental Board Examinations

Starting Salary
Residency $30,000 - $45, 000 yr