Essay on Nothing: Education and Traditional School Setting

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There are some augments about Homeschooling First and foremost; no one has a more vested interest in a child’s success than that child’s parents. Keeping that in mind, what is best for a child, some children excel in a traditional school setting. They just do great. Many however, do not thrive in such an environment. There are two major opinions on this issue: parents who believe they have a right to choose how their children are educated and those who believe that children need to be socially stimulated and that educators can instill patriotic values that cannot be taught in the home arena.

Many parents insist that children can learn more easily at home, in an environment where disruptions are few and parents can teach children one-on-one. Parents allow children to work at their own pace, sometimes even permitting them to choose their own curriculum.

The qualifications of the teacher (parent) are usually lacking. Some people homeschool for the right reasons and do a good job. The problem is when the parents do it just because they don't want to let go. There are a lot of people who homeschool but they do not invest enough time and attention to making sure they are providing a quality education. One reason I've heard many times is that children will not learn social skills. It limits the social skills needed when they finally leave the nest. If you are raising your kids right at home, school shouldn't change that in such a dramatic way.