Essay on Nothing: Gender and Different Genders

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9375 Meskill Rd.
Columbus Twp, MI 48063 October 9, 2013 Merritt Academy Gender Specific Committee
59900 Haven Ridge Rd.
New Haven, MI 48048 Dear Committee, Does the universe have two different sex separations for every single thing in life? No, there’s just one group of children and adults, female and male. So, I do not think children and young adults should be in gender specific classes because students need to learn to focus with each other for future purposes. Also, teachers should be able to teach all students in a two gender environment.

Students or even adults need to learn how to focus with the other gender for future purposes as in college or jobs. Although, not every college has just one sex gender, in order to get descent grades they would have to learn to focus together. After college is a serious job. For the job you choose, you’d have to learn to interact and socialize with the other gender. Being able to focus throughout high school with both genders will help with college and jobs to have professional conversations with one another.

Next, personally, all teachers should be able to teach both genders with full focus and having their attention at the same time. If teachers or administrators can’t keep both genders from acting out more than half of the time, then they should not work at that school. It is very important to keep both sex genders focused as a group. Most teachers should be eligible to do so.