Nothing: North Pole and Noun Essay

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Memorize the words with * next to them.

Chapter 1

*torn down, p.2- (verb) to destroy something
*slide, p.2- (noun) a large structure with steps leading to the top of a long sloping surface which children can slide down
*cry, p. 3- (verb) to shout or say something loudly crate, p.5- (noun) a large box made of wood or plastic that is used for carrying fruit, bottles etc.

Chapter 2

Halley’s comet, p. 8- (noun) a comet (=an object in space like a bright ball with a long tail) that moves around the Sun and passes close to the Earth every 76 years. It was named after the English astronomer Edmund Halley (1656-1742), and it last appeared close to the Earth in 1986.

Chapter 3

*wounded, p.13- (adj) injured by a weapon
*crutches, p.14- (noun) one of a pair of long sticks that you put under your arms to help you walk when you have hurt your leg
*stunt, p.14- (adj) dangerous and entertaining
*spun, p.14- (verb) to turn around and around very quickly

Chapter 4

*begged, p.17 (verb) to ask for something in an anxious or urgent way, because you want it very much
*passenger, p.18 (noun) someone who is travelling in a vehicle, plane, boat etc, but is not driving it or working on it
*frightened, p.19 (adj) feeling afraid goggles, p.19 (noun) a pair of glasses made of glass or plastic with a rubber or plastic edge that fit against your skin and protect your eyes

Chapter 5

*stall, p.23- (verb) if an engine or vehicle stalls, or if you stall it, it stops because there is not enough power or speed to keep it going
*solo, p.24- (verb) to fly an aircraft alone
*rough, p.24- (adj) not smooth landing, p.24- (noun) the action of bringing an aircraft down to the ground after being in the air tailspin, p.25- (noun) when a plane falls through the air, with the front pointing downwards and the back spinning in a circle

Chapter 6

*slender, p.30 (adj) thin in an attractive or graceful way
*foggy, p.31 (adj) if the weather is foggy, there is cloudy air near the ground which is difficult to see through

Chapter 7

*pleased, p.33 (adj) happy or satisfied
*sped, p.34 (verb) to go quickly
*rival, p.35 (noun) a person,