Nothing: Sociology and Symbolic Interactionism Essay

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1. There were quite a few areas that I found interesting in the “Code of Ethics.” The area that I found most interesting was in section 12 Informed Consent. The first part of this section that I thought was interesting was that sociologists were allowed to use deception in research as long as it didn’t cause any harm to the subject ( I would think that the subject would know exactly what was going on at all times in the research, however, in some cases I can see the reasoning behind having to deceive a subject. The second part I found interesting was that in certain circumstances sociologist did not always have to obtain consent to do research on children ( Being a parent myself, I would expect to know if my child or his/her class was being used for research. 2. Functionalism is where a system works together to provide order and stability (Macionis, 2007, p 10). In functionalism every class is linked together in some way, so if the economy market crashes everyone will take some sort of loss. Conflict theory is where inequality will generate conflict and change (Macionis, 2007, p 11). In conflict theory if there is an inequality in anything, such as race, sex, or religion, the inequality will be seen; a conflict will take place and cause a change. Symbolic interactionism is the result of interactions society has every day with individuals (Macionis, 2007, p 14). In symbolic interactionism if you are wondering why a person is acting the way they do, you need look at where they live and the people they are surrounded by and this will explain why the person is the way they are.

I looked at health and medicine and how it is affected by each perspective mentioned above. Functionalism in the health care field consist of patients, doctors, nurses, medical drug representatives and any other staff that help work together to make health care facilities run. When doctors and nurses disagree about the way a procedure was handled causes conflict. Symbolic interactionism is seen when nurses have a question about a particular case so they talk to other nurses or doctors in the facility to find the best solution. 3. The sociological perspective is how society views patterns (Macionis, 2007, p 2). In regards to health and medicine if patients see that doctors and nurses work well with each other and they receive great care at the facility the medical facility will be viewed great by society.

4. C Wright Mill’s Social Imagination is what a person experiences in life is based on the prior