Nothing: Thomas Paine and Keyes Deion Boyer Essay

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Thomas Paine

Kahmar Keyes
Deion Boyer
Troy Steed
Tanisha Haughton


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People Present -
Tanisha Haughton- Editor of website
Troy Steed- how did it impact the colonial Era
Kahmar Keyes - Short bio
Deion Boyer-Pictures and if i were the author

Short Bio
On January 29, 1737, Thomas Paine was born in Thetford, England. By the age of 12, he dropped out of school. After he dropped out, he tried to work with his dad but he failed with that also. So when he turned 19, he went to sea. After he was finished at sea, he met up with Benjamin Franklin and migrated to Philadelphia. Then he started his Journalism career. The book that he is known most for is “The Age of Reason” (1793-1994)

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People Present
Tanisha Haughton
Kahmar Keyes
Deion Boyer
Troy Steed

Kahmar will finish the rest of the bio, Deion will research Thomas Paine and put his self in Thomas Paine shoes and explain what he believe in. Troy will find out Thomas Paine impact on the Colonial Era. Tanisha will edit the web page when ever a section is completed with the links.

Thomas Paine beliefs were that the American colonist should be free from the British and so his idea of freedom helped the Declaration of Independence be formed. He also was a strong supporter of freethinking. He is controversially known for attacking institutionalized religion, and advocating deism. Another important belief, shown in Common Sense and Rights of Man (supporting the French Revolution), is that a government should always protect the citizenry and their rights and interests. He advocated revolution and independence if necessary.If he was still alive today i think he would fit in very well with society because his beliefs and ideas are sorta like what the government is like today.

Impact he helped the get the declaration of independence signed

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