Essay on Nothing: Turkey and Kurdish Rights

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How can individuals groups and governments share responsibilities for a better world? And how can they achieve peace in the Turkey-Kurdistan’s Workers Party conflict?
The Turkey- Kurdistan Workers Party conflict is occurring throughout turkey as well as areas of Syria and Iraq however the main area it is occurring in is south east turkey. The Kurdish workers party military is stationed in Iraq’s Kurdistan region from where it launches its attacks. Attacks have happened in all parts of turkey including Ankara and Istanbul hence reducing the Turkish tourism industry.
The Turkey-PKK conflict is an armed conflict between the Turkish republic and Kurdish insurgent group Kurdistan’s workers party. Originating in 1984 and ongoing this conflict is over the Kurdish demand of independence from the Turkish state and the foundation of a new state by the name of Kurdistan. The Kurdish people represented by rebel group Kurdish workers party seek to have autonomy for Kurds inside the republic of turkey. The turkey- Kurdistan’s Workers Party conflict is a conflict over racial ethnicity as well as land ownership as the Kurdish minority are fighting to create a government for the Kurdish people alone, in a section of turkey rather than remaining under Turkish government. This modern conflict is believed to have started centuries ago, going as far back as the time of the Ottoman Empire. In the 7th century the Kurdish land was conquered by the Seljuk Turks later the Mongols and the Safavid dynasty until in the 13th century is it was controlled by the Ottoman Empire. Eventually though after world war two the ottoman empire collapses and after a treaty proposing the splitting up of the ottoman empire and autonomy of the Kurdish people is rejected, turkey…