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Why becomes Entrepreneur
An entrepreneur is someone who spends their own time effort and money to turn their idea into a marketable product. Entrepreneurs can earn more moneys than other and they are able to make all of the decisions relating to their company themselves; they have complete control. Also, they can control over their work schedule means that they can choose when to take time off and work the schedule that suits for them best. In the other hand it is not that easy to become a successful entrepreneur.
The first risk that an entrepreneur faces is the market risk. You should know what your costumer need and desires. In this way you can position your promotional strategies and advertising to attract their needs and weaknesses. Some entrepreneurs are scare to take the risk in bringing out and introducing a new product. Entrepreneurs with great entrepreneur skills apply the latest and the best entrepreneur strategies that can improve their market and avoid the risks of being disliked and rejected.
Entrepreneurism is not for everyone because it requires hard work, long hours and the ability to keep going in difficult times. To become a successful entrepreneur you might need some of this skills. The first one is self confidence, you should believe your own abilities and ideas. Also, you might need the ability to learn from others or self motivation and determination.
Now, I am going to talk about how to staring up a business step by step. First of all , you should have a good ideas. These might be, for example, spotting a gap in the market or extending an existing idea. In the next step you should do the Market research in order to find…