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Lili Kealoha
19 January 2015
Honors Sophomore English P6
Novel Review 3
The Kite Runner
10) a) In The Kite Runner, Amir witnesses his friend, Hassan, get raped in an alley but he's too afraid to do anything about it. Later, too guilty to even look Hassan in the eye, he makes it look like Hassan stole some money and his new watch so that Hassan will go away. Many years pass and Amir goes to Pakistan to visit his fathers old friend Rahim Kahn. He tells Amir that Hassan got married and had a son who had to be put in an orphanage after the Taliban kills him and his wife. Rahim asks Amir to rescue Sohrab from the orphanage in Afghanistan and bring him to an American couple in Pakistan. Amir thinks that by saving Hassan's son, it will make up for not saving Hassan all those years before. However, when he goes to the orphanage, he finds that Sohrab isn't there but instead with a member of the Taliban who bought him from the orphanage. Amir goes to the place where he's told he'll find the man and is surprised to see that it's the same person who raped Hassan in the alley. Assef tells Amir he can't take Sohrab unless he fights him. So Assef attacks him and beats him very badly before Sohrab saves him by shooting a brass ball into Assef's eye. After being beaten Amir feels like he has finally redeemed himself. In the end, Amir just adopts Sohrab and takes him back to America with him. showing that "...true redemption is...when guilt leads to good" (302).
10) b) Les Miserables is a good example of a novel with a similar theme. In this novel, the protagonist, Jean Valjean, is struggling to redeem himself from being a thief much as Amir is trying to redeem himself from being a coward.
12) Simile- "...his life of unrequited