Novel Study on the Book Winter Essay

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Ashley Simard
Mister Ingriselli
Monday February 18th, 2013
Independent Novel Study
Part One: Characterization: The character I chose was winter. She is a young 16 year old girl; her physical appearance was not described in the book so I don’t know what she looks like. Winter took action to whatever she believed in; she always fought for what she wanted, and she never gave up. She took action to see how her mom died, she wanted to get rid of Ralph and Sylvia, and she wanted to stay in the homestead. It didn’t matter what she did she fought for what she wanted and never took no as an answer. Winter had many thoughts and ideas because she was very judgemental. She was always judging everyone without knowing them, she had a very good sense of character because she always knew when she was being lied to and knows when something isn’t right. She also fought for what she believed in and came up with ideas to fight her point. She doesn’t have the nicest manner or personality. Winter is very independent and likes to do things by herself. She only cares about herself, she’s rude, disrespectful, spoiled, selfish, willful, and headstrong and no matter what she will do anything to get what she wants. She is not the kind of person that is easy to get along with. If she doesn’t get what she wasn’t she will throw tantrums until she gets what she was fighting for. Winter is the kind of person who had no trust with anyone and pushed people away because of this. Winter is a pivotal character in this novel because she is the main character. Without her there is no story because this whole story is about her journey back to her home. It is about her learning about her family, the deaths of her mother and father, about the property she will own when she turns 18. This story has to do with her struggles trying to learn about everything which makes her very important. No, I wouldn’t want to be this character because as you read the story you realise that Winter has a hard life unlike most of us. We may think that our life is harder and worse but in reality we probably don’t because at a very young age she lost both her mother and her father. She was left with no parents to teach her right and wrong, no one who could treat her as a daughter and she was barely loved and kept care of. She never got to actually get to know who her parents were and she never will now. The hardest part was probably finding out she was the cause of her mother’s death. I wouldn’t like to be her because I wouldn’t be able to handle all of that happening around the same time. In my opinion it would be difficult to have Winter as a friend so my answer would be no. During the book, Winter isn’t very nice with people and she always wants her way. I don’t really enjoy those kinds of people and I am not actually friends with anyone who acts like this. Me and Winter are two completely different people so we wouldn’t really get along because we wouldn’t agree with each other’s actions and decisions.
Part Two: Newspaper Article
The truth discovered after 20 year… On Wednesday February 9, 2009 police were suddenly approached by a woman named Sylvia, whose last name is private. She reported to the police that the death of Phyllis De Salis, whom died July 9, 1989 by a gun accident, was actually killed by her own daughter Winter De Salis. Since 1989 everyone thought Phyllis died from her dog knocking over a loaded gun and killing her instantly. Over the weekend police discovered that her daughter Winter was actually the murderer. While her mother was at a shooting practice Winter found a gun, and shot her mother which killed her instantly. After such a long time not knowing the actual story, Winter was but in jail for murder. Her great aunt was fighting to get her out because Winter was only a baby when this happened, claimed “Winter couldn’t have known better at the age of four, and since then she doesn’t even remember doing it.” But Sylvia…