Essay about Novels: Literary Genres and Science Fiction

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Types of Novels

Although watching movies is interesting, reading novels is more interesting and enjoyable. Some people like to read novels for knowledge as well as entertainment, so they choose the novels carefully. We can divide novels into several types: spectacular, romance, and science fiction. First of all, scary novels. This kind of novels can be more terrible than movies in theaters. You can find different types of scary books divide by age. For example, there are horrified novels for teenagers and another for adults. Scary novels including horror novel which is focused on creating emotions of terror and dread in the reader. Horror fiction often accomplish this through the use of scary unusual elements. Thriller is kind of scary novels. Thriller novel designed to keep the reader turning pages. Usually thrillers are about a crime that is going to happen. In addition, scary novels include mysteries which is normally about a murder, and the process to discover who did it. The second type of novel is romance and love story. Romance can be drama which usually focus on two characters who fall in love, but have problems that separate them. Also, romance can turn out to happy ending such as in romance comedy novel. If you prefer love stories from the past, historical romance is the perfect one. Even though it is ancient stories, a lot of people still like to live in that ancient atmospheres. The best example for historical romance is Romeo and Juliet.