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Unit HSC 31 Promote effective communication for and about individuals (Level 3) 1. b) See HSC 351 Q5 to Q7 3. a) The methods of communicating in a way that supports equality and diversity are to treat all individuals the same where possible and to be positive. b) The methods of communicating that are effective in dealing with or challenging discrimination is to be clear and firm so there is no confusion. 5. a) See HSC 351 Q5 to Q7 8. The theories of human growth and development, identity, self-esteem, loss and change that are relevant to the individuals that I work with are Maslows hierarchy of needs and Eriksons psychosocial development theory. The theory relevant for power and how it can be used and abused 11. We dont use specific aids to communication at my place of work. 12. To arrange the environment and position my communication and interactions to the maximum, I would find a place and, or activity which would help the individual to feel relaxed, supported, focused and safe. 13. The conflict and dilemmas that can be created by a difficulty in communication and language is normally the individual may take offence when that was not the intent. 16. The environment which is most appropriate for communicating difficult, complex and sensitive messages is in private rooms e.g. interviewing room, also in a sensitive manner. 18. The difference between a fact, opinion and a judgment is a fact is the truth, an opinion is a view or feeling and a judgment is an informed guess formed from an individuals perception. It needs to be clear on records and reports if what you are writing is fact, opinion or a judgment. Because the people reading it will take what is written as fact. Performance Criteria A1. To obtain, record and pass on information about the individuals communication, language needs and preferences. I would first look at their referral which contains this information. If the individual has been to us in the last 3 years we will still have a file on them. Also information can be passed on by e-mail or in the handover book. A4. a) If I needed information or advice when having difficulty communicating with individuals using their preferred communication method and language I would first ask the member of staff I was working with. If they were unable to help then I would ask my manager. A6. a b) If I needed to change my approach and seek additional help to meet the individuals needs and where the communication methods are inappropriate or ineffective I would first ask the member of staff I was working with. If they were unable to help then I would ask my manager. B1. If I want to use an environment to facilitate effective communication and to aid understanding. Then I would use a room that the individual felt comfortable in, that was private, keeping it informal if that would help and it was appropriate. B7. When an individual needs help to clarify any misunderstandings they may be having. In most cases the individual can be agitated, so first try to calm the individual down, and then ask what the problem is. If I know I tell the individual and help them to understand. If I do not know or need further information, I will tell the individual. I tell the