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Kristyn Regan Young
Friends of the National Rifle Association Scholarship Essay
Part V 3/27/15
There will never be a perfect society where there are no controversies on whether or not a firearm is a safe average household item. A firearm is an essential and vital item to have in a home, especially in a rural hunting based community such as Eastern Oregon.
The second amendment is one of the most important amendments created by our founding fathers. It is not only what allows people to feel secure in the safety of their homes, but uprises an opportunity to put food on the table for many families across the country in a cost effective way; also known as hunting. I personally have never had a family counting on my hunting encounters but, I have utilized the second amendment for my own hunting experiences ever since the young age of 9.
From the time I was old enough to understand the safety precautions about being around guns, I always tagged along with my father and grandfather on hunts. Safety precautions; that is the problem with firearms. Many people who are around firearms do not properly follow the rules and precautions, and that can lead to very serious injury. Guns don’t kill people, naive, uneducated people holding guns kill people.

I wholeheartedly believe that the second amendment; a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed, is still relevant in today's society but I also believe it is being infringed.
The definition of infringement is the action of breaking the terms of the law. Based off of that specific definition I believe that our current president is infringing on many basic rights such as the second amendment. The second amendment was first added by our forefathers to not only create an assurance from foreign invaders but to also allow single human beings to effectively protect his or her family if need be. President Obama has come to the realization that the people of the U.S will not allow him to take away their safety and sanctity; guns. His new strategy is to try to take away 223 ammunition which is technically not a gun but it is an aspect of a gun. Therefore in my opinion he is infringing on the second amendment. When the amendment was installed it was to insure no tyrant could forcefully take over our beloved country. The president wanting to confiscate our right to protect and feed our families by banning firearms is an act of tyranny.
Personally, in my family, firearms are a way to come together and enjoy our time in that setting. Many holidays and family events have included trap shooting or hunting trips.
Without hunting, my family would not be the same. We would not hold as many beloved memories as we do. Trap shooting