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NRS-430V Discussion Questions

Read Lake and von Baeyer's article, “Tips for Successful Students." Also, review the characteristics of a successful student as explained in the lecture. As you consider these, which is your strongest characteristic? Why? How will this characteristic help you to become a successful student in your program of study?

My strongest characteristic related to the article "Tips for Successful Students," (Lake and von Baeyer, 2005), include the fact I am a very responsible individual. When in the classroom setting I always strived to find a seat in the first couple of rows, because I knew I'd benefit from avoiding anonymity - and this stemmed from being responsible and accountable for my self
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She did a lot for nursing in the United States. Had it not been for her standardizing the curriculum of nursing schools through the National League for Nursing Education, the past century of registered nurses would not have had a standard to maintain, as Florence Nightingale dreamed.
Finally, had it not been for Mildred Montag, none of us would have been capable of becoming registered nurses in two years. She knew there needed to be a way to create competent nurses in a shorter time period than a traditional four year program allowed. This is still a preferred method of obtaining a nursing degree in the United States, at least by all of us whom are here today. Her vision following World War II not only benefited those in the late 1940’s, but benefited all of us and our families by enabling us to become registered nurses and be employed as such while obtaining our Bachelor degrees.
Just this past Friday, I stood in front of over 2,000 people and proclaimed Florence Nightingale’s oath to nursing. To me, she’s more than a ‘trend.’ Without Linda Richards creating a standard of nursing education, we wouldn’t have the sort of organized care we have today – and maybe nursing wouldn’t be so “special.” Lastly, without Mildred Montag, not one of us would be active registered nurses attending a bridge program obtaining our BSN like we are today.
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