Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment 1

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1. Describe what you did. This does not mean that you copy and paste from what you have posted or the assignments you have prepared. You need to describe what you did and how you did it.
I have researched over the internet to create the flowchart. As I mentioned earlier that I always get help from instructor’s example. What I am facing now is time management. Not getting enough time to research more on the particular topic. I have to put some extra time at my job as one of the projects is going to go live next week. But good things is I am learning so many new things every day. I have finished my degree in computer science but I feel that I am a fresher. I am not sure it is a bad or good but I will work hard to do well. After getting the information then I started creating flowchart. This morning I felt that I made one unnecessary step which I don’t need it in the flowchart. The logic I put at the end. I really don’t need it because when first integer is a solid number which will add with ZERO and it should calculate.
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Describe your reactions to what you did.
As usual I feel good when I finish my assignment on time with a satisfactory. I think, it is a human nature to feel well after any achievement. Personally I am learning something every time I read any article or topic when I research. It is a kind of feeling which you can’t express all the time. It is just motivate you to do more. I hope I am doing great.
3. Describe any feedback you received or any specific interactions you had. Discuss how they were helpful.
As I did not any feedback from unit 2 yet I can talk about my feeling regarding feedback I got from unit 1. I already mentioned in unit 2 journal besides that I could add more on that; encouragement can change a human life I believe. If we talk about positive part for a human being he will be successful in his life I am positive on that. I have seen so many cases I really work hard when I get positive feedback. I push myself really hard to do