Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment 2

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In Class Assignment #2
The iPhone 6s has an onscreen keyboard. The HP Envy Laptop has both an onscreen keyboard and a physical built in keyboard. For the HP Envy laptop, using the built in keyboard can be useful. For example, the keyboard is all in one place. The keyboard also has terminal server shortcuts. It also has a window key which can switch between the start screen and the desktop. Windows key and the letter L can help switch accounts. It also has special keyboards that can lower or brighten the screen and same goes with the volume. There is also a key that lightens up the keyboard so it can be easier to type in the dark. Moreover, there is another key that enables or disables wireless network and another key that puts the laptop on airplane mode. It also has the standard keyboard keys. The HP Envy laptop also has a touch keyboard. The keyboard has the standard keys and it also has emojis and emoticons.
The iPhone 6s has a screen keyboard which can be called a touch built in keyboard. The iPhone gives options to
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I say it is fine but an external keyboard can be added. First, the USB receiver must be connected into the USB port. The computer must be turned off. Then the wireless keyboard must be turned on in order to use it and it should be ready to use. The price for that keyboard is $28.99 and the name for that keyboard is called HP Wireless Elite V2 Wireless Keyboard. For the iPhone there is a “New Apple iPhone 6 4.7” Bluetooth Wireless Slide out Keyboard Case.” It is a case that has a keyboard connected. In order to use it. It must be connected to Bluetooth and it costs $26.99. ZAGG also has a pocket portable wireless keyboard in black for $48.99. It can connect with Bluetooth. One of the advantages could be is the keyboard is bigger and can avoid mistakes from the tiny screen the iPhone has. There are no advantages for an external keyboard for a HP Envy laptop that has