Nt1310 Unit 1 Narrative Report

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School Experience Three (2015): Year 6, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School
Key Responsibilities & Achievements
==> Planning and executing small group and whole class lessons and units of work in all nine learning areas, following First Steps for Literacy and Numeracy.
==> Organised and applied and students’ weekly role responsibilities and classroom behaviour management and beyond the general limitations of a classroom setting, including on school camp, at sport carnivals, interschool, excursions and incursions.
==> Assessing, evaluating and recording students’ achievement levels in the main subject learning areas through written, verbal, formal and informal methods, including weekly homework, parent –teacher meetings and collaborating
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gifted and talented students), students’ I.E.Ps and students with learning difficulties and special needs.
School Experience Two (2014): Year 3, Safety Bay Primary School
Key Responsibilities & Achievements
==> Planning and delivering lessons in English, Science, Mathematics, Health and History over a ten-week period, in accordance with the Australian Curriculum, implementing Primary Connections resourcing for Science.
==> Evaluating and recording students’ attainment levels using different forms of diagnostic, formative and summative methods. Daily classroom management, monitoring students’ behaviour and individual student progress.
==> Successful participation and completion of Professional Development in Mathematics and collaboration with other local primary school staff.
==> Integrated I.C.T into daily teaching, creating engaging, relatable and multimodal lessons for all students.
==> Facilitated explicit teaching instruction with a student struggling with reading comprehension and fluency using M.U.L.T.I.L.I.T., allowing the student to gain self-confidence and progress through five reading