Nt1310 Unit 1 Reflection

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I will present evidence to assist in the reflection of the specific supervision day-to-day that I have described above. I applied a five questions questionnaire (appendix ii) regarding the approaches used, the time given to develop activities, if expectations were reached, observation of the progress made and suggestions for modifying the module.

After the student had answered the questions, we reflected and discussed each one of them. First, he said he was happy with the achievements of his time in our group and the approach was not new for him, he said it was very similar to Problem Based Learning used in his medical school. He also said that we have a great environment for research, he could see a great progress in the everyday practices around him, however he raised points regarding too much content for small interval of time. So, we started to discuss the possibilities to change the module organization. I really liked his idea of taking it slow, I already suspected the content would be massive but I wanted to give it a try. He argued about the need for having the
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I will continue to pursue autonomy in students, but I will improve the balance between what the student must achieve and the pressure that I put on the student to reach the goal in such a short time. I will still use the same material, which is the best available in my opinion, however, I will give emphasis in finding, assessing and using the best available evidence. Preparing and implementing a research would be ideal for post-graduate students and it is a massive work and very stressful if the student is not mature enough. I always assess the student through our first talk and I perhaps should not create big expectations for such small amount of time. I should focus more in planting the seed, being sure that I will not see it flourish, because it takes