Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment

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1. State what you would like to accomplish as a teacher. As a teacher I hope to excite my students to learn, and I want to teach them that the sciences can actually be really fun and intriguing as opposed to the difficult and boring stereotype many people have of them. I intend to engage the students through discussion and relevant assignments in order to get them to think in meaningful ways. Ultimately, I want to encourage the students to become a little bit smarter and make themselves a little bit better everyday.

2. Describe your unique skills and talents that will help you as a teacher. I am a very positive person who loves to smile and laugh. It takes quite a bit to get me down, and I think this will help me as a teacher because even
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I was also able to build relationships with children who came swimming often, which made my job much more fun.

4. Any community service activities in which you have been involved during the past five years.

Habitat for Humanity -- Waterloo, IA and Summerville, SC -- Spring break 2015 and once a month from 2015 to present -- I was on a spring break trip in Summerville helping to build a home and organize and clean their Re-Store. As part of UNI Habitat for Humanity, I volunteer one day a month either helping clean and organize the Re-Store or building the houses.

Camp Counselor -- Okoboji, IA -- One weekends every Fall and Spring since 2014, and August 7th to the 13th, 2016 -- I work recharges with middle school age kids every fall and spring where I lead the campers through encouragement and guidance in bible studies, games, songs, prayer and more. Additionally, I volunteered for a week this past summer at a family camp where I lead campers of various ages in similar activities, as well built relationships with the families through conversations and