Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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Assignment 1
Task 3
Dominic Keenan

In this task I will be describing in the best possible way about the module 3D Modelling and the work that it entails and the jobs that it can carry out this can be put to many good uses in designing a house or any other type of a building its like you can look at the finished product before it has even started. There are many types of software to do this same sort of job. All of this will be explained in this document.
What is 3D Modelling?
3d modelling is computerised graphics that gives a mathematical representation of a 3 dimensional object that can make it come to life like looks using special software in this case I was using blender. Manually processing and preparing geometric data
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Its main purpose is modelling otherwise these other pieces of software can do animations and video editing.

Cheetah 3d
This piece of software is only available on an apple mac this will also affect its amount of downloads, this piece of software is used for, animation and modelling, this is the main two features that this piece of software has to offer. These programs are similar in a way and different they mainly do the same things only have a different and a different approach at how to do the models and animating.

What is meant by Geometric theory

Vertices are points that describe corners and the intersections of geometric shapes (3D), for example in 3d modelling programs such as blender the vertices can be changed to alter the shape of the model. They can be added to a model when editing a mesh to change the smoothness of the model, or they can add different parts into the