Nt1310 Unit 4 Assignment 1 Computer Network

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Part-A Theory and Conceptual Questions covering Computer Networks Concepts, TCP/IP Communication Architecture, Application, Transport and Network Layers
1) The private network is connecting both LANs using routers R1 and R2. To achieve point to point connection between both networks, 2 routers are needed because router R1 is used for routing data packets from west coast network and R2 is used for routing data packets from the east coast network.
When a router receives a data packet to be routed to a host in its same network, it blocks the message and the network switch directs the packets to the destination host.

2) To implement a change in LAN technology, new software is required in all host devices connected to the LAN. Interface devices
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The destination has sent multiple duplicate acknowledgements to the source. When the source detects multiple duplicate acknowledgements with the same acknowledgement number, the source gets confirmation that the packet was not received and it retransmit the packet before waiting for its timeout.
6) Packet 425 is a TCP Retransmission. This occurs when the source does not receive an acknowledgement in the set time frame. The packet is assumed to be lost or damaged and it is resent.
7) The host does the active close
8) The TCP sender does slow starts 2 times, first slow start phase finishes approximately at the 2.5 second mark and the second slow start phase finishes at approximately the 9.5 second mark.
d) Greater than three (> 3)
10) The measured RTT values show a slow start, which is indicated by the RTTs starting off slowly when fewer packets are sent, but as packets being transmitted at an exponential rate, RTT increases as well. This is followed by a drop in RTT which could be due to packet losses. It goes into another slow start which can be seen again by the RTTs starting off slowly then increasing as packets are being transmitted at an exponential rate, followed by another drop in RTT. The RTT then stabilizes and increases steadily which could be due to the packets being transmitted at a somewhat constant rate.