Nt1310 Unit 6 Assignment 1 Lesson Plan

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1. Lesson Plan
a) In this lesson, a class of 26 second graders will be doing an activity to further their knowledge and understanding of inequalities. They will work in pairs throughout the project. Both students will need an iPad from the mobile cart. One of the iPads will be needed for Doodle Buddy and one iPad will be used to take photos throughout the project. A timer will be set for two minutes to give the students enough time to complete the problem they have in front of them. After the timer goes off, they will rotate their half sheets clockwise to start a new problem. Students will work together to Doodle Buddy to fill in the blanks of the math problem given to them. When done, they will take a picture of each finished problem and email
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g) Lesson Procedures
1. To begin class, start with a short review, written on the whiteboard. Show an example of two inequalities: one using greater than and one using less than.
2. After review, have students get an iPad from the cart and return their seats.
3. After everyone has returned and has an iPad, students will find a partner and sit in desks that are side by side.
4. Each group will start with one half sheet of paper with an inequality written on one side, as prepared by the teacher.
5. Next, the roles of the iPads are explained. One iPad will need to be opened to Doodle Buddy. The partner with this iPad will be responsible for drawing in a correct inequality sign or number. Then iPad is then laid on top of the blank on the sheet of paper. The second iPad will be opened for the camera. This student is responsible for taking a picture of the half sheet of paper and iPad, showing that they have solved the problem correctly.
**Students are using two different iPads, however it is both of their responsibilities to come to a conclusion on an
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Each iPad in the group has a separate responsibility, but each partner is working towards the same goal to solve the problem. This lesson could have been done without technology. However, it would have taken much more time. Students could have written their answers on a square of paper rather than using Doddle Buddy and the teacher could have gone around the room and checked each problem at that time. Along with being time consuming, this way can become over double the work for the teacher to be doing in the classroom rather than spending that time to answer student questions. The use of two iPads and each student having a separate responsibility within the group was promoting collaborative learning, which can sometimes be difficult to do in a math class of young