Nt1310 Unit 6

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On the first day in class, we discussed a new problem about having a subway station that is equidistant from 3 office towers. A method that was suggested to solve this problem, was to find the midpoints and the perpendicular bisectors. Another suggestion was to draw a circle which connects all three points of the office towers, and to find the center of it. I discussed with my elbow partner other methods to solve this problem, and we came up with an idea. It was to connect the midpoints to the opposite vertices, which will create three lines. The three lines should intersect at a point, which will be the location that is equidistant from the three office towers. As a class, we also discussed how to solve for midpoints. A classmate informed us about a midpoint formula, which is M=(x1+x22 , y1+y22). …show more content…
To solve for the midpoint, I thought that you would measure the line and divide by two as a solution. Our question for homework was, “How do we know that the proposed midpoint formula will guarantee a point in the exact middle?” The midpoint formula provides us the average of the x and y variables. When I thought about the average, I know that it could represent the mean, median and mode. When I thought of adding two numbers together and dividing them by two, I thought about the mean and median. Both of these methods are used to find the “middle” of a set of numbers. The mean adds up all of the numbers and divides them by the total amount of numbers. For the median, you find the middle of the set of numbers. Although if there are two middle numbers, you add them a divide them by two. This is the way I thought about the midpoint