Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Project

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Introduction Students often choose a major in biology or chemistry to prepare for medical school or to focus solely on working in a lab and doing research. Many, however, do not realize that their responsibilities for that major include many laboratory reports and papers.
To examine writing in this field in more detail, I collected two kinds of data. First, I interviewed a professional in my field, Dr. Zhaohua Dai of the Department of Chemistry and Physical Science of Pace University. Although he is the Director of Forensic Science here at Pace, in reality, he is actually an organic chemist. In the previous year, I was a student in organic chemistry II lab where he was the lab instructor. While in the lab, I was introduced to scientific concepts and techniques,
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Whether it be biology, chemistry, or physics, there is a template that almost every laboratory report follows. The template usually includes an abstract section, where the purpose of the experiment is stated, along with a brief summary of the entire summary and the results. The introduction section follows the abstract. The introduction explains the theory and gives some background information on the experiment. Afterwards there is a materials and methods section which explains what materials and equipment were used in the experiment. It also explains the procedures used to perform the experiment. Following this is the results section, where the results of the experiment are described in the materials and methods section are described. Figures of the data, such as graphs or pictures, are included with a description. The analysis of data should be detailed and descriptive. This is the most important section in the entire report. Finally, the results are discussed, along with a conclusion and recommendations for further works. Acknowledgments and references are stated at the end of the