Nt1320 Unit 10

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System 1:

I chose the 13” HP Pavillon because its small and light weight allowing Bill to take it to around with him without much of a worry. This laptop has built in wifi which will allow him to connect to the various networks at the college. Since Bill only needs a computer to do research, write papers and make presentations I believe this computer will be more than enough. The 6gb of RAM should be able to handle his day to day use. Also the 500gb hard drive will be more than enough hold all his documents. One of the most important reasons for choosing this computer is that it meets his $1000 budget at the $649.99 price point leaving him money to spend on software. One the most important things being the laptop form factor compared to a desktop and this is because a desktop wouldn't be very logical for a college student to carry from class to class.


System 3:
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I chose a core i5-7400 because it is a more than capable CPU to play the games Kyle can throw at it. The most important part being the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 since it is one of the best graphics cards for gaming out there as of right now. I also chose to get him a PCI-E solid state drive which will improve boot times and application load times to go along side his 2TB hard drive to store all his games. I also chose to get an ARCTIC Freezer CPU cooler so his CPU can run cool while he plays game to minimize lag. Finally I chose the Razer Chroma gaming mouse and keyboard since they are highly optimized for gaming and will give him the best gaming experience. Finally I chose to get 16gb of RAM so he doesn't experience a RAM bottleneck while he’s