Nt1330 Unit 2 Individual Assignment

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The world is becoming smaller and smaller with each new technological invention and globalization, effecting migration, food production, climate change and our own personal views of the world around us. We find ourselves faced with a wide spectrum of human and environmental issues, stretching from the local to the global, the individual consumer to a multi-national corporation, and it is there, in the in - between, where the skills of an anthropologists are vital.
As an anthropologist, I am capable of analyzing cultural differences, societal issues and asking the right questions while mediating across cultural boundaries. Furthermore, I am able to look at the issue at hand through a holistic approach and with an open mind when conducting research, surveys and interviews to identify issues and determine alternative ways to resolve them. Additionally, I am capable of acting as a liaison in bridging cultural differences to find a common language which will promote mutual understanding and increase awareness to create opportunities for sustaining relationships.
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Ranging from a multinational company, Nextel Communication Inc., to, most recently, a small scaled, privately owned Croatian, mechanical piping company, Euro Mechanical Inc., I have also simultaneously volunteered at the local food bank and soup kitchen in researching and developing their distribution procedures. During my work experience, thus far, I have learned to practice patience and persistence when heading a project while still respecting and recognizing the actors involved. As an administrative specialist, I have been able to develop skills to work in an advisory capacity to bring change in management thinking and improvements in the performance of the organization. More than that, I have learned the importance in investing in human