Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1 Da

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The ORF packets show unusually high initial invitees whereby allowing a larger than necessary DOD participation. Consequently, the actual attendee numbers for authorized guests are significantly lower and the resulting ratio rates show that the event(s) has materially not met the allowable proportions per the AR.

The solution for this processes weakness is to require the preparation and publication of a viable and representative initial DA Form 4843. To accomplish this requirement, the senior commander must direct the preparer to perform the following three actions: 1. Prohibit the use of unconstrained guest lists. 2. Use a validated and updated list of official guests. For U.S. citizens, validate that the individual guest information is current (i.e. any official titles,
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You have a reasonable basis to believe that the guest will likely attend the event based on his/her previous attendance or the situation dictates that the invitee will most likely attend. One of the most reliable methodologies for estimating attendance is collecting RSVPs.

DISCUSSION: Requesters are using guest lists that have not been validated for past attendance. In addition, we have seen several initial DA form 4843s that have large authorized guests numbers but are not substantiated with an RSVP or equivalent. We believe that the invitee list is excessive because the final totals for authorized and DOD attendees are materially different from the initial and show a sizable number of authorized invitees did not attend the event.

ORF events that use excessive invitee numbers (i.e. authorized guests) can potentially distort and/or manipulate the actual attendance ratio in favor of a higher DOD participation number. This situation is potentially likely if the requester desires are to maximize DOD coverage under AR 37-47 para 2-7c, where excess DOD participates (above the final ratio) do not have to pay a pro rata cost share because the authorized guests did not attend the