Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment

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Vodafone Dubai made a request about integrating MS Windows 2008 Release 2 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 for SSH authentication.
Vodafone Dubai is the first of the Vodafone M2M required to integrate Windows 2008 Release 2 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 for SSH authentication to be implemented on the Vodafone Dubai infrastructure and the implementation project has a tight timetable.
It is well known that Red Hat Linux and Windows Server 2008 R2 have different models for representing user and group information and use different technologies for implementing them. This fact has made it difficult to integrate the two systems in a satisfactory manner.
There are several solutions in use today to create identically named user account on both the Windows 2008 Release 2 Active Directory domain and Red Hat Linux 6.8 systems. One of these solution is the use of System Security Service Daemon (SSSD) Suite of programs to provide access to different identity and authentication providers.
Integrating MS Windows 2008 Release 2 with Active Directory requires the installation of a few services in
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Before Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT domain controllers (DC) provided authentication services to Windows clients using the NT LAN Manager (NTLM) protocol. Although NTLM was not as secure as was originally thought, it was very helpful because it solved the problem of needing to maintain duplicate user accounts across multiple servers on the network. Starting with Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft moved from NTLM to Active Directory and its integrated Kerberos authentication services. Kerberos was considerably more secure than NTLM. Moreover, Kerberos scaled better than NTLM. Kerberos was an industry standard already used by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Unix Systems. This approach opened the door to integrate those platforms with Microsoft