Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment

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As the Future You conference which is to be held in January 2016 will be presenting new ideas and approaches to health and lifestyle, we can assume that the patrons who will be attending would be made up of a couple of different groups; health conscious people, people who enjoy the outdoors, and people who enjoy technology.

These different groups would all have different needs and expectations during their stay. So we would need to be able to cater to them all.

The health conscious demographic would need access to a conference room with cooking equipment as they may be doing food and drink demonstrations, involving the topic Kale. People coming to stay to see the presentations about health topics, would be interested in a healthier, greener
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It can be assumed that the presenters and customers would be bringing their own drones along, and an area large enough for them to use and demonstrate their equipment will be needed.

The other technology topic is “Earning a dime online”, these presenters and customers will obviously require access to the internet. We will need to ensure that they have access to stable and speedy internet during their stay. By setting up a separate network for these people, we can ensure that their internet usage is not negatively affected by other hotel patrons on the network. Free wifi passes could be granted for these customers.

Finally, the outdoors-y demographic would also require access to a large conference room. With room for demonstrations on products, as well as cooking methods. Additions to our menu could be added for this group as both topics that are going to be spoken about involve the outdoors. A special menu including BBQ, grilled and camp-oven cooked meals could be arranged for patrons attending the conference. To provide a special touch of service for these customers, we could organise BBQ and grilling class for a small