Nt1330 Unit 3 Learning Journal

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Unit 3 Learning Journal

2/15/2018: Stacks, Queues, and ADTs

Read week three learning guide. Next, I read section 9.3 on Stacks, queues, and ADTs. The question I had about use of linked list was answered in this week’s reading. This week, I learned how linked lists could be used in ADT (Abstract Data Type). The section also covered the use of ADTs in Stacks and Queues and difference between them. I found the example of postfix expression very interesting.

2/16/2018: Binary Tree

Today, I read section 9.4 on Binary Trees. In this section, I learned how to traverse through tree using recursion. After completing the reading, I started working on programming assignment.

2/17/2018: Programming assignment

Continued working on the assignment. It was bit tricky but got it to work. The method getTapeContents() was returning blank because after adding a new cell in methods moveRight() and moveLeft(), I forgot to point to the next and previous cell. So, although cell had a character assigned, I was getting blank because the tape was not moving through the next and previous cell.
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The error is in the turingMachine.java class, but I did not have enough time to fix the error. I posted this question on the course forum to know if other students are having the same issue, but unfortunately, no one