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Chapter 1: Exercise 1 and 4

1. Free Software is the user’s freedom to run, copy, study, distribute and change or improve a software. Three characteristics are the source code has to be distributed with the program, you cannot restrict people from modifying or changing it up, users must be allowed to redistribute modified versions under same licensing terms.
4. FSF is a non-profit organization that promotes universal freedom to create and or modify computer software. Linux is an operating system assembled under the model of free and open source software. Linux was originally developed as a free operating system for intel x86 based personal computers, and they helped refine the term for Linux.

Chapter 2: Exercise 1
1. Its is the processes of copying operation systems from a cd,dvd, and or usb flash drive to hard disk on a system and setting up config files so Linux runs properly onto the hardware.
Chapter 3: Exercises 1, 4, 8
1. Bootable computer Installing that includes an operating system which runs in the computer’s memory (RAM). Runs the wide area progressive games and displays the main system window. Some advantages are customization, its cost, free market, stability, and the community.
4. Put /boot at the beginning of drive so that there is no problems with Linux having to boot it too far into the drive.
8. When entered runlevel 5.

Chapter 11: Exersises 1, 3, 7
1. Single user mode only allows you to log on at the consol. Multiuser mode you can…