NT1430 Unit 5 Chatper 18 20 Exercises Essay

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Chapter 18 ex 1 - 6
1. The SCP utility copies an ordinary or directory file from one system to another on a network SFTP is a secure file transfer protocol.
2. If user is on both systems then you would use command $ ssh host who
3. scp user@plum:~/..bashrc local system: .bashrc
4. $ ssh plum xterm
5. Compression can cause an increase in latency to an extent the might not be desirable for an X session forwarded over high-band width connections.
6. This message indicates that the fingerprint of the remote system is not the same as the local system remembers it. Check with the remote system’s administrator to find out if something changed. If everything seems to be in order, remove the remote system’s key from the file specified in the error message and try logging in on the remote system using ssh. You can use ssh-keygen with the –R option followed by the name of the remote system to remove hashed entries. The system will display the first-time authentication message (page 6) again as OpenSSH verifies that you are connecting to the correct system.

Chapter 20 ex 1 – 6
1. Edit the /etc/aliases file to include the entry below: System: root, /var/logs/systemmail
2. Max needs to create a ~ /.forward file with the following lines:
$ cat ~ /.forward ~/mbox max@example.com \max
3. $ cat /etc/mail/access and add the following Connect RELAY
4. The dnl command, which stands for delete to new line, instructs the com- piler to ignore anything on a line following the dnl.