NT2580 unit 1assignment 2 Essay

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User Domain
The User Domain will only have access for one user in order to gain more security for the network. This domain will be able to configure the access privileges in order to maintain the security of the network. This domain will also be able to enforce the acceptable use policy that will define what each user will be able to have access to or the privileges of the individual user.
Workstation Domain
The workstation domain is where all of the individual users will be able to complete their work on a daily basis. In order for the individual user to gain access to the network they will need to complete the login process consisting of login ID and security password. Once the individual user completes the necessary login process they will be able to gain access to the network up to and surpassing their permissions and privileges. By introducing a security protocol the user will not be able to jeopardize the network. Protocol should include the changing the individual’s password every 30 days. All computers maintain regular updates and continuous antivirus protection for monitoring. Additionally, no personal devices are allowed on the network.
LAN Domain
The Local Area Network (LAN) Domain is a group of computers all connected to a single LAN domain. The LAN Domain is a collection of computers connected to one another or to a common medium. All LAN domains include physical elements of the LAN, as well as logical elements as designated by authorized personnel.…