What Are The Elements Of A QA Guideline

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“Manufacturing Quality Assurance

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Table 4. Elements of a QA guideline or “System”
• Guideline element / Parts of review
• QA system: Company-wide QA system/program including responsibility of each organization, document control, and Warranty return program

• Materials qualification: List of materials used in module fabrication; qualification program, process, criteria (properties tracked), and records for each of these materials

• Process control: Statistical process control and/or other process

control system including: Calibration of sensors, change control, and log of data collected to support traceability

• In-line testing: List of measurements completed, frequency of these measurements, log of data collected

Table 4. Elements of a QA guideline or “System”
• Traceability: Documentation from ingot to module shipment;

maintenance of records to trace future failures, ID marking of modules

• Retest schedule: Frequency of qualification or other module-level testing, log of data

• Warranty return program: Documentation of number of returns, identified failures, and corrective actions

• Factory inspection procedure: Frequency of inspection, fraction of manufacturing lines inspected, and evaluation criteria

• Audit: Internal/external audit program including factory audit procedures and retest of qualified product.

Additional Quality Management
System “Elements”
• Quality Policy: Establish a Company “Quality Policy”, what the company stands for, values, etc.
• Quality Manual: Establish a “Quality Manual” that Describes;
– How the company works / organized
– Documentation system
• Document control / configuration control
• Design control, release system

– Calibration control
• From “hand tools” to final test simulators

– Training / qualification of employees
• Who is qualified to do what task?

“The Creation of a Solar

Concept / Design




•Get samples

•Material bids
•Eng. Build

•Establish BOM’s and Drawings
•Establish Tooling
•Make small runs or lots
•Test, send samples to Labs for

•Formal release all drawings, parts, etc.
•Make changes as required
•Achieve certs.
•Qualification / Performance
•Manufacture the module!

Example of Process Control

“The MFG Journey of a Solar

Purchased Materials

Warehouse / Staging

Production Processes

Test and Shipping

•Specifications required to buy
•Establish incoming Monitoring
•Establish Supplier Agreements

•Protect the incoming supplies
•Storage temperatures
•Inventory “turns” & Shelf Life

•Establish Work Instructions,
•Assemble Strings of Cells
•“Lay up” glass, EVA, Strings,
Buss bars, EVA, Back Sheets &
• Attach Junction Box /Cap,
Frame, continuity / Hi Pot

•Flash Test,

Example of Process Capability

Where do we focus?
• Approximately 95% of a Module’s costs is in purchased materials
• Variation in the incoming materials significantly affect Reliability and mfg. efficiency • “Variation Costs you Money”

Purchased Materials
• Purchased Materials
– Specifications needed to buy
– Establish Supplier Agreements

Process Capability
Notification of changes
Automation compatibility
“Shelf life”

– Establish incoming Monitoring Techniques
• Sampling, Testing, “Certification of Compliance” etc.

Purchased Materials

Junction Box / Cap, cables
Interconnect Ribbon
Buss Bars
Solder, Flux, Paste, etc.

• All of these materials over my 17 years of solar Module manufacturing have stopped production or caused serious reliability or performance risks!

Warehouse / Staging