nuclear power Essay

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This is a topic that can change the way the world gets and uses energy. This topic is about nuclear energy. The two sides of this subject is the side that supports this type of energy and wants to invest more in it. The other side to this matter is the side that wants to not support it and wants to take down the nuclear power plants that are in use today. The answer I support is the side that wants to invest more money into the project of creating more nuclear power plants. This is because it is a better source of energy that coal, oil, and other fossil fuels.
Some information that I can use to support this side is nuclear energy doesn’t spew smoke, carbon dioxide, and other chemicals. Electricity is created by splitting atoms in a series of nuclear reactions, otherwise known as nuclear fission. This information is from Discovery Channel website and its all about nuclear power and their plants. This source is definitely a reliable one because its in the public eye, which would lead me to believe that since it is there that they would not lie about such matters. How this information supports my side of the subject is since nuclear power doesn’t spew smoke or other chemicals, this makes the problem about global warming not so impossible to stop with the creation of these plants.
Information that is able to support the other side is the nuclear waste created by the nuclear plants. The waste created by nuclear plants will be toxic to human beings for about 100,000 years.