Nuclear Technology Pros And Cons Essay

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Nuclear technology affected humanity in the history of these developing technology there has been three major accidents.

Three mile island in the united states 1979 where the reactor was severly damaged but radiation was contained and there were no adverse health or environmental conquences.
Chernoboyl ukraine 1961 where the destructionof the ractor by steam explosion and fire killed 31 people and had significant health and environmental conquences . the death toll has since inceased to about 5%.
Fukushima (japan2011) where three old reactors together with a fourth were witten off and the effets of loss of cooling due to a huge tsunami were inedquadatedly contained.
I think according to these incidents the world has since became aware of the benefits and dangers of this nuclear has made the world realize that we have to be more aware of all aspects of protecting and making rules and regulating the nuclear techonolgy.
Pro and Cons of Nuclear Technology
The pros are:

Nuclear power is cost effective and produces a lot of energy. It doesn’t rely on fossil fuel and produces very little air pollution. That being said ,it creates radioactive waste and can emit it harmful radiation into the surroundings environment. It produces electicity without pollution .the fuel is obtainable from friendly countries and there is no shortage at present, power can be generated without emissions of harmful gases.

1. The fight againast global warming.

2. Health
The link between power and diease Is c omplex.
Hundreds of studies have been conduce .their conflicting results make it difficult to separate fact and fiction agendas from politics.

3. Impact of wildlife
All forms of energy production impact the environment on some level. What are nuclar power stats? Let’s start by looking at example of the land useage. To generate the equivalent of a 1,000-megawatt plant, a single would required 61,000-70,000 hectares of land.
The wildlife habiatat council(whc) is a nonprofit, non-lobbying environmental group helping nuclear power plants to create and maintain clean and safe habitats for animals and plants
4. Safety
Proponents of nuclear power are steadilfast in the that modern nuclear plants pose no