The Importance Of Nuclear Weapons

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I Believe Statement 2 Ben Weber

I believe we should continue to build our nuclear power because it helps protect us from rogue countries, nuclear proliferation is unavoidable and nukes in the hands of more states stops the chances of war I believe

“Hook”- With everyone else gaining weapons why change our ways and not be first?

Background info-With 8 countries having nuclear weapons and China quickly gaining power in economics we should continue to build nuclear weapons.

Thesis- While we’ve broken countless acts because we can I believe it was in our best interest to break. By having as many nuclear weapons as the next country it gives us a slight advantage in power for sure.

Topic Sentence-Nuclear weapons help protect us against rogue countries and terrorists.

Evidence- By building bunker busters, which are able to find hidden terrorist bunkers this, shows advances in our power. If we were to get rid of all our weapons and they got there hands on one there would be no nuclear payback if were to use one against us.

Argument- The argument is what good is getting rid of nuclear weapons if it just weakens us. If a country was to attack us using nuclear weapons there would be no backlash for doing so. Countries that are not as stable are more likely to use this.

Topic Sentence- Nuclear proliferation is unavoidable.

Evidence- Nuclear weapons cannot be uninvented. After the US dropped this bomb we knew everyone would want there own because they had seen first hand what could happen. North Korea is the only country that has nuclear weapons that we have a bad history with.

Argument- By building more nuclear weapons we are protecting ourselves against nuclear proliferation. By having more nukes than everyone else we are showing that any attacks will be met with our full wrath no one would want to