nuclear weapons Essay

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Nuclear stockpiles have the ability to destroy the world we live in within a matter of seconds due to a single rational decision made by an individual. The mistake one person could make has the ability to cost us all our lives and there is not much we can do to prevent it since so many countries posses them. The fact that so many countries have vast amounts of nuclear stockpiles raises the question upon whether or not we should even have them. When you truly think about it you realize that these nuclear weapons can do no good but only cause serious harm. Not to mention the insane amount of money being spent on useless weapons that more often than not end up going to waste. The money being spent on harmful weapons could most definitely benefit people in other ways which is why these countries have such a difficult time justifying the reason behind building these nuclear weapons. The way they handle the discussion of nuclear weapons goes to prove how pointless these stockpiles truly are.

For starters, many countries still possess these nuclear weapons for no apparent reason since many countries are not even in jeopardy where these nuclear weapons could,in a sense, help them feel more safe. Of course Russia and the United States lead the group with Russia possessing 8,500 where as the United States hold 7,700. Out of all the countries we would expect these two to be the ones leading the way but not at such a large amount. France has considerably less stockpiles as they have 300 while China has 250 and the United Kingdom have 225. These three countries are around the same margin which is not too surprising to see. However, Pakistan reportedly has 120 and India has 110 which seems to be unexpectedly high for them. Israel was said to be in the mix of having nuclear weapons but as it turns out they actually possess 80. For a country that was only to be suspected of having a few, that is extremely high. North Korea on the other hand was suspected to have several nuclear weapons as that number still…