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Raheel Ahmad
Period 1

Chemistry 1 Mr.

Manhattan Project 1. Was Truman and the United States justified in dropping nuclear weapons on

When Harry Truman learned of the success of the Manhattan Project, he knew he was faced with a decision of unprecedented gravity. The capacity to end the war with Japan was in his hands, but it would involve unleashing the most terrible weapon ever known. The Atomic
Bomb. As the 33rd President of the United States Truman was relied on to make a wise decision.
I believe that yes,
Truman and the United States were justified in dropping nuclear weapons on Japan.
The reason being is because if successful this would ultimately put an end to World
War II. President Truman was suppose to make a decision that would benefit America heavily by weighing the good and the bad, and which he did because even though a atomic bomb is very destructive Truman knew the fact that if he drops this bomb on Hiroshima that the Japan force would not be able to prosper as much which means that less lives would be lost if he had not done this.
2. What responsibilities do scientists have for the impact of their research and discoveries have on people and our planet? Is their responsibility to monitor the consequences of their discoveries of can they develop new technologies without regard for its impact? First of all I would like to get across that scientist are not responsible for their