Essay on Nudity and Main Criticism

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A Main criticism of the film Gallipoli is that the movie has disturbing scenes of nudity and inappropriate swearing that can influence young students. Young students might think it’s normal to do inappropriate behaviour and it’s alright to advertise their body to the world just because it happened in the film. If this movie is viewed by students next year, the movie might change their behaviour. One main scene from the film shows the men swimming in the beach naked, as a man has been injured they carry him out, showing us almost everything. The movie has been rated PG but, there are some nude scenes that belong to the Ma+ rated films. Some behaviours in the film show that people don’t care about each other so if the year 9 student’s watch this, they might model this. Especially when the film is being viewed in a school environment, while bullying is going on, it may just make matters worse. So in saying this, the film ‘Gallipoli’ should not be viewed by students, as supported with the reasons and evidence because of the influence it can have on impressionable students.
Another main criticism of the film is the type of language and racist attitudes are shown that could influence students to think that this is alright. The kind of language the film is using is totally inappropriate in the now days, even when swearing is going on and is a bad habit for students, the movie ‘Gallipoli’ is being introduced and maybe making swearing even worse. A scene that proves this behaviour is when the light horseman and the lower group were practising their war fair and the commander of the lower group said “Just because their arses are higher than ours...” it shows that the type of language used seems normal. Another scene that is concerning is when Snow was being racist about the Egyptians saying that the women there, were cheap and dirty. In conclusion this film should not be viewed to the student of next